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Jeff Pratt

Jeff Pratt

Club Director

Phone: 870-715-7802

2020-21 Extreme Slam Season is Underway

Tryouts went GREAT!!  We are excited about beginning the new season!

If you are interested in playing Extreme Slam Volleyball we still have a few spots available..

12 & Under -  We have 3 spots available

14's - We have 1 spot still available

16's - 18's  - We have a few spots open and will be forming a 16/17's team and an older 17/18's team.

We are trying to finalize the teams this week so if you have any interest please let me know as soon as possible.

Please Note: You MUST have a USA Volleyball Membership prior to your first practice.   Bring a copy of your USAV Membership Card with you to give to your Coach.

Information for renewing your memberships can be found on the website.

New 2021 Extreme Slam Season Information

Extreme Slam Volleyball

2021 Season Information

Players & Parents…

Our plans this year were to start forming our teams in July, but with everything happening and all the uncertainties of even having a season, we didn’t.  I have been holding off as long as possible to try to figure out how to deal with this upcoming season and Covid-19.  I have been in contact with our region, and other clubs and everyone is in the same dilemma…do we have a season or not?

Well we have decided to move forward and make every effort to put together a season as normal as possible.  I figure that with all the girls in school and the daily exposures, club ball will not increase the hazards any more than the daily exposures we are all facing.  We will make every effort to sanitize the volleyballs and the courts after practices and keep lots of hand sanitizer on hand.  We will be asking parents and players to wear a mask unless on the court during practice.  We will take all necessary steps to be as safe as possible!

Please keep in mind that the majority of your membership fees go to your weekly practices and not to the cost of the tournaments.  Last year when we lost our final tournament, I had a few questions about a refund for part of the cost.  If we lose a tournament and are able to recover the entry fee…The Club will refund your portion of that entry fee.  Please keep in mind that will be a small number, depending on the event.  Also keep in mind that if we have to cancel due to exposure on our end, they will not refund our entry fee.  Also, please make every effort to keep your family safe and Covid Free, and if there is ever a doubt in your mind please err on the side of caution and keep your child at home and away from the other teamates.  In the event that a team has to quaratine, there will be no refunds for the missed practices and it will be up to the Coach to determine if any of the practices can or will be made up based on the teams scheduled activities.

The costs for the club will remain the same this year as last year.

Ages 12 & Under & 13’s - $750 per player – Season ends first of March, and play 6 Tournaments

Ages 14 – 17 - $1,050 per player – Season will end April 11th, and play 8 tournaments.

$500 of your membership fee must be paid by November 9th.  The balance must be paid in full by December 15th.

My Hopes are to form the teams by November 6th with practices beginning the week of November 16th.  There will be a Parent Player Virtual Zoom Meeting on Tuesday November 10th at 7:00.  A link will be posted on your team page on this website.

Once the teams are formed you can begin making payments, if needed.  We will also be offering credit card payments.  Payment made in full will be required by the first practice.

Here is a start on what we are planning…Final Plans have not been set:

Hoping to practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-6 or 6-8, this could vary based on the Coach’s schedule and some school/player conflicts.

Tournament Schedule is still forming, here is what we are planning so far.

2021 Extreme Slam Tournament Schedule as of 9/17/20 – Subject to Change!!

Age                     Date                   Tournament                                     Location

15/16                 Jan 9                   Border Town Brawl                         Ft. Smith

13/14                 Jan 10                Border Town Brawl                         Ft. Smith

All Ages              Jan 16                Ozark Challenge                               Fayetteville

15/16/17          Jan 30-31          Battle at the Fort                             Ft. Smith

12/13/14          Feb 6-7              Battle at the Fort                             Ft. Smith

All Ages              Feb 13-14         Hot Springs Classic                           Hot Springs

12/13                 Feb 20                Natalie Jones Memorial                 Fayetteville

14/15                 Feb 21                Natalie Jones Memorial                 Fayetteville

16/17                 Feb 27                Natalie Jones Memorial                 Fayetteville

16/17                 March 13-14    Volley in the Rock                            Little Rock

14/15                 March 20-21    Volley in the Rock                            Little Rock

14/15/16/17    March 27-28    Delta Region Championship         Hot Springs

14/15/16/17    April 10-11       Ozark Invitational                            Fayetteville


We are going to try to keep the costs the same as last year.  The only club fundraiser that we will be holding is a Serve-a-Thon to be held the first of November.  All monies raised will go to the player's family to be used for membership fees and travel expenses.

Please watch this website for upcoming information


2021 Tenatative Coaching Assignments

Here is a tenative list of this year's Head Coaches...

12 & Under  -  Jenna Martin

13's  -  Addie Courter & Laura Rhein

14's  -  TBD

15's  -  Sarah Hamilton

16/17's  -  Emily Poynor

We will be working to add assistant coaches or practice coaches so that each coach will have help during practices.

This is What I Call Extreme!!

Below is a paper that one of our Extreme Slam 12's turned in at school. 

We can all learn a lot about priorities and what is truly important.  It is so easy to get caught up in moment and be all about winning, but remember to look at the big picture and learn an awesome life lesson.

An Extreme 12's School Paper - Teaching Us All What's Important

Officiating Training Information Below

Parents and Players - Below please find all the information about the referee training that each player will need to complete.  Please get with your coaches to find out what specific Clinics/Modules that they want you to be certified in.  Some teams will be completing all the modules, some will ask you to concentrate on specific ones.  Get with your Coach to make sure you complete the correct Modules.


All teams are only required to have six certified officials on their team rosters. These certifications are: one adult R1; one R2; one Score keeper; one Libero tracker; and two line judges. The Delta Region does not require that everyone on the team have a certification, as long as these six certifications are filled. Some clubs may require all players to take everything---sorry---if so, expect to be on the computer for about 2.4 hours to complete all courses. Certifications are posted immediately to the team roster.  An individual certification will be listed on the team roster as a Badge: 1-means they are certified to R1; 2-means they are certified to R2; S-certified to keep score ; J-certified to Line Judge; and L-certified to be a Libero tracker.

A "P"  listed on the team roster means that individual is not certified-they are still in-progress. If a team member has a "P" on the team roster, that individual needs to log back into the Academy to see which Module was missed.


Want to help your child’s team with their officiating responsibilities during a tournament? The Delta Region has a special membership for parents of players for only $27.00! With the “Parent Referee” membership you can be added to the team roster which will allow you to be court-side to call lines, keep score or even referee. I’m sure the team’s coach would appreciate the help.

Just become a member, choosing the Parent Ref category. You will need to undergo a background screening (fee $30), become certified to officiate and you will need to take the FREE SafeSport training course—because we want to keep our young athletes safe. Talk with your team coach for instructions and join USA Volleyball and the Delta Region today!


You should be able to tell when you have completed your certification while reviewing your USAV Academy main page.

Just click on the My Certificates icon to the left of the Learning Activities column for your completed 2019 certificates. 

Please note: If you have signed up for several clinics (for example if you signed up for clinics R2,scoring, and line judge) your certification will not post until you have completed all three clinics. It's best to sign up for one clinic at a time. Then your certification will post immediately when you finish.

To double-check your certification, log back into your member account in Webpoint. If you have completed the courses required for each clinic/certification, your certification will be posted to your member record and your membership card. 

If it is not immediately posted you have not completed all the courses required for certification! 

To check to see what you still need, click back on the USAV Academy button and look at your courses still listed in the Learning Activities column. If you see a course with a Green GO Button--you must take that course.


Run in to a problem while taking the online officiating clinics? Worry no more! 
USA Volleyball has a HELPDESK that will assist you in the event of trouble with the online clinics. If a problem was to pop up---don’t call the Delta Region office—instead contact the  online  professionals. 

Just click on the HELP tab located at the top of your main page in the Volleyball Academy. 

Before you submit a Help ticket, take time to review the Knowledge Base articles. In many cases, the problem that you are experiencing has also been experienced by someone else and the solution to your problem is posted. If you can’t find your particular issue listed, then submit a help desk ticket. 

Someone will get back to you in a timely manner. Remember to include your name and USAV Membership number, if you have it handy. Always include that you are from the Delta Region on all correspondence to the Help Desk in case the region office can be of assistance. 


Sign Up For Remind

If you, a friend, or family member that is not currently on a Remind list.  Feel free to Join the Extreme Slam General Remind Group.  This will keep you updated on all general announcements for the Club.  Get all the latest Club news and notice for all the upcoming events.  It's simple!  To join - text  81010 and put   @extremeg   in the message area. This will keep you in the loop on all the General Extreme News!

Extreme Slam Volleyball

The purpose for Extreme Slam is to help the area girls gain additional skills and increase their abilities! Each team has a dedicated Coach ready to work with your daughter to grow her skills and love for Volleyball. 

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Extreme Slam Volleyball Jeff Pratt

Phone: 870-715-7802