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Jeff Pratt

Jeff Pratt

Club Director

Phone: 870-715-7802

2021 Season is Coming Soon - Hopefully!!!

Due to safety concerns for our Staff and Families we are not quite ready to go full open yet!  Players and Parents are allowed to go down and work out in family units.  We can't have multiple families working out together.  Social Distancing must be adhered to at all times.  Please be advised that the balls must be sanitized after each practice.  Please contact Jeff Pratt to schedule a court time.

We have some Coaches willing to work one on one with some private lessons, but not yet in groups.  Please be advised that the balls must be sanitized after each practice.  If you would like to schedule a private lesson, please contact a Coach of your choice.  The coach will then schedule the court time with Jeff.

You can watch the Google Calendar here on the website for court availability.  Currently we are only using Court #3

Our plans are to hold tryouts and form our teams earlier than normal.  My hopes are to have the Teams formed by September 1st.  This will allow us to get teams and tournaments scheduled, and know how many teams we will have.  This will also allow the parents a few additional months to complete the club dues payments.  This year we are going to try to have all the dues paid by December 1st.  We are anticipating some vacant slots on the teams so invite your friends to join in on the fun!!

We are going to try to keep the costs the same as last year.  The only club fundraiser that we will be holding is a Serve-a-Thon to be held the first of November.  All monies raised will go to the player's family to be used for membership fees and travel expenses.

Please watch this website through the summer as we will be forming our teams around the end of August.


This is What I Call Extreme!!

Below is a paper that one of our Extreme Slam 12's turned in at school. 

We can all learn a lot about priorities and what is truly important.  It is so easy to get caught up in moment and be all about winning, but remember to look at the big picture and learn an awesome life lesson.

An Extreme 12's School Paper - Teaching Us All What's Important

Officiating Training Information Below

Parents and Players - Below please find all the information about the referee training that each player will need to complete.  Please get with your coaches to find out what specific Clinics/Modules that they want you to be certified in.  Some teams will be completing all the modules, some will ask you to concentrate on specific ones.  Get with your Coach to make sure you complete the correct Modules.


All teams are only required to have six certified officials on their team rosters. These certifications are: one adult R1; one R2; one Score keeper; one Libero tracker; and two line judges. The Delta Region does not require that everyone on the team have a certification, as long as these six certifications are filled. Some clubs may require all players to take everything---sorry---if so, expect to be on the computer for about 2.4 hours to complete all courses. Certifications are posted immediately to the team roster.  An individual certification will be listed on the team roster as a Badge: 1-means they are certified to R1; 2-means they are certified to R2; S-certified to keep score ; J-certified to Line Judge; and L-certified to be a Libero tracker.

A "P"  listed on the team roster means that individual is not certified-they are still in-progress. If a team member has a "P" on the team roster, that individual needs to log back into the Academy to see which Module was missed.


Want to help your child’s team with their officiating responsibilities during a tournament? The Delta Region has a special membership for parents of players for only $27.00! With the “Chaperone” membership you can be added to the team roster which will allow you to be court-side to call lines, keep score or even referee. I’m sure the team’s coach would appreciate the help.

Just go to JOIN NOW to become a member, choosing the Chaperone category. You will need to undergo a background screening at a cost of $18.50, become certified to officiate and you will need to take the FREE SafeSport training course—because we want to keep our young athletes safe. Talk with your team coach for instructions and join USA Volleyball and the Delta Region today!


You should be able to tell when you have completed your certification while reviewing your USAV Academy main page.

Just click on the My Certificates icon to the left of the Learning Activities column for your completed 2019 certificates. 

Please note: If you have signed up for several clinics (for example if you signed up for clinics R2,scoring, and line judge) your certification will not post until you have completed all three clinics. It's best to sign up for one clinic at a time. Then your certification will post immediately when you finish.

To double-check your certification, log back into your member account in Webpoint. If you have completed the courses required for each clinic/certification, your certification will be posted to your member record and your membership card. 

If it is not immediately posted you have not completed all the courses required for certification! 

To check to see what you still need, click back on the USAV Academy button and look at your courses still listed in the Learning Activities column. If you see a course with a Green GO Button--you must take that course.


Run in to a problem while taking the online officiating clinics? Worry no more! 
USA Volleyball has a HELPDESK that will assist you in the event of trouble with the online clinics. If a problem was to pop up---don’t call the Delta Region office—instead contact the  online  professionals. 

Just click on the HELP tab located at the top of your main page in the Volleyball Academy. 

Before you submit a Help ticket, take time to review the Knowledge Base articles. In many cases, the problem that you are experiencing has also been experienced by someone else and the solution to your problem is posted. If you can’t find your particular issue listed, then submit a help desk ticket. 

Someone will get back to you in a timely manner. Remember to include your name and USAV Membership number, if you have it handy. Always include that you are from the Delta Region on all correspondence to the Help Desk in case the region office can be of assistance. 


Sign Up For Remind

If you, a friend, or family member that is not currently on a Remind list.  Feel free to Join the Extreme Slam General Remind Group.  This will keep you updated on all general announcements for the Club.  Get all the latest Club news and notice for all the upcoming events.  It's simple!  To join - text  81010 and put   @extremeg   in the message area. This will keep you in the loop on all the General Extreme News!

Extreme Slam Volleyball

The purpose for Extreme Slam is to help the area girls gain additional skills and increase their abilities! Each team has a dedicated Coach ready to work with your daughter to grow her skills and love for Volleyball. 

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Extreme Slam Volleyball Jeff Pratt

Phone: 870-715-7802